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280 Pesco hydraulic feathering pump

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Welcome to the Pesco Product & Hydraulic Pump Database. For those striving to learn and share as much as possible about all aspects of the PESCO company and its products.

Soon we will require anyone wanting to view a larger part of the database to become a member.

Membership requirements: To become a member, one would need to contribute information or pay a fee.  We are looking for part numbers, images (not yet posted on the net) or information in text form.

This would be a tier system; the more you contribute, the more access you have.
New Members please note, soon access will become limited or new information will not be available. 


Just about all the info I can find will be presented here on the history and products of the PUMP ENGINEERING SERVICE CORPORATION.

Please note: the information on this site is taken from sources from the Internet, books, manuals and from speaking to others.  In no way is the information presented as pure fact. The images from this site are taken from products I own, from others passing on pictures to me, from copying images with permission from the owners and from other web sites with credit given.  I may not always be able to give credit . If you find I have not given you credit, or you would like credit or that I have given the wrong credit, please let me know.

You are welcome to view what little information is so far presented on this site.  At this time the site is free. It has and will take years and thousands of dollars to come near to completing this site.  In the future viewers will not be able to view and obtain information for free.

PESCO line of products are still in use today.  Hobbyist, foreign governments, farmers, aircraft mechanics, Lowriders and many others do and still use these products.  Many parts can still be purchased in new, mint condition, rebuilt surplus from the US Government, rebuilt from private industry, used from eBay, swap meets, and through several Internet forums and classifieds.

We do have selected copies of Pesco service and repair manuals for sale. Hydraulic and fuel pumps for aircraft and tractors.  Please email for complete list.

We are always looking to purchase manuals, books and catalogs regarding the Pump Engineering COmpany.

Those that may have educational material:
Military Personal
Retired Aerospace
Aircraft Part Vendors
Aircraft Restoration
Aircraft Mechanics
Book Vendors

I'd like to thank these people for sharing information, Jason, Jason, Josh, Melvin, Edmund, Jay, Corey, Zeke, Andrew, Andy, Dave, Joseph, Greg, Larry, Rodney, Richard, Chris, and about 60 others I need to name.

You may contact the webmaster at: Tjjjc2 @ yahoo.com  (use no spaces)  Castillo Enterprises, 2008